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Terms and Conditions

Last updated: 22nd April 2021

Please read this document carefully as by instructing Home assist repairs and servicing Ltd to undertake work on your property, you agree to our terms and conditions as set out in this document.


In these terms & conditions, "the company" or "we" means Home Assist Repairs & Servicing or any other subsidiary of home assist repairs & servicing being the supplier of "goods" and "services". contract means the contract of sales of goods and services where applicable with you "the customer" or "purchaser".

1. Contract

  1. The company, having discussed and presented, with and to the purchaser the requirements for the works as described and listed in the quotation, will undertake the works to completion.

2. Cancellation

  1. The company reserves the right to cancel the order within 3 days of receipt of confirmation by notifying the purchaser in writing, the reasons for the cancellation and by refunding any monies paid upfront.

  2. The purchaser has the right to cancel the contract by sending a cancellation notice in writing to Home Assist repairs & servicing Ltd, 41 Osborne Rd, Newcastle, NE2 2AH any time within 14 days of accepting the quotation. If you have agreed that work will commence before the 14 day cancellation period expires, and you subsequently cancel in accordance with your rights, you are advised that reasonable payment may be due for any work carried out including Admin & Delivery cost.

  3. If works are booked in and the purchaser fails to notify of cancellation within 24hrs, you are advised that reasonable payment may be due for any work/delivery/time/re-stock value cost chargeable to the company.

  4. Cancellation of works following an energy assessment will still incur a cost of £179.00 for carrying out the assessment. As it has been already carried out and you are bound to these terms and condition either signed or verbal contract one assessment carried out.

3. Permissions

  1. It is the sole responsibility of the purchaser to inform the company if the premises for works is a listed building or is within a conservation area and/or requires planning permission or any other permissions required prior, during or after the prescribed works. The purchaser is requested to acknowledge that the granting of approvals is outside of the company's control and it cannot be held responsible for claims, losses, damages or enforcement action as a result of any failure of the purchaser to have such approvals

  2. In the event of works revealing information about the premises, whether structural or otherwise, which would, require a change in the specification of the works or the price as set out in the order.

  3. In the event of works revealing information about the premises, whether structural or otherwise, which would require a change in the specification of the works and price set out in the original order: a) The company shall provide a revision detailing any changes in specification, price, or otherwise which the purchaser will be free to accept or reject. If the revision is not accepted by the purchaser within 14 days of notification, the company shall be free to cancel the contract with the purchaser. b) If any necessary approvals relating to the status of the premises are not forthcoming within a reasonable period either party shall be free to cancel the contract. c) In the event of cancellation under this clause, for any works project not started, any deposit monies paid will be refunded. Any work that has been undertaken by the company will still be chargeable to the purchaser.

4. Works

  1. The company will take all reasonable care to carry out the works without causing damage to the purchaser’s premises and will make good any damage caused to plaster, cement rendering, and brickwork strictly within the area of works in the course of the installation of the described works. If the new boiler is smaller and needs walls plastered or any boxing in, this is decorative and is does not form part of this contract to have works carried out. The purchaser is advised that installation could cause damage and that it is anticipated that the area of and surrounding the installation will require redecoration. This redecoration will be the purchaser’s responsibility and is not included in the price quoted for that which is reasonably expected with the installation of the described works in the usual way (for example, damage to other parts of the premises where the installation is not taking place). The company will only be responsible for losses that are foreseeable.

  2. Any claim from the purchaser for compensation for damage caused by the company must be notified to the company as soon as possible after the damage is discovered.

  3. The purchaser is advised that the company does not agree to undertake the resitting of any gas, electrical, (including wiring and any home security measures) plumbing or telephone installations necessary to allow the installation included in the price except where this is specifically noted in the description of works. In all other cases, the company may agree to carry out such works in return for an additional fee. The purchaser is recommended to make suitable arrangements for such works to be carried out prior to the installation works to avoid any delay in installation.

  4. The company will agree with the purchaser a date for the installation and will do all that we reasonably can to meet that date. In case of unforeseen circumstances, beyond the company’s control, the company may not be able to do so. In such circumstances, the company will contact the purchaser to agree an alternative date. The purchaser will also do all that he or she can reasonably do to enable the works to take place on the agreed date.

  5. The company will dispose of all rubbish including old fittings, copper, etc., and dispose of this in line with our environmental policy. Should you wish to keep this, you must inform the company at the beginning of the works. Scrap value is used to dispose of waste, we reserve the right to charge a reasonable amount to remove waste as prices may vary and/or excessive amounts.

  6. Home Assist repairs & servicing provides you with parts and labour warranty for the years stated in the contract, this warranty is for boiler only. heating controls are not covered outside the manufacturers 2 year parts only period, labour chargeable for controls outside 90 days. Warranty claims outside 2 years have a £49 excess payable & 5 years have a £99 excess payable before any works are carried out. An annual thorough service and maintenance inspection must and can only be carried out and completed by Home Assist Repairs & Servicing to keep your warranty valid, failure to do so within 21 days of your annual service falling due will invalidate your warranty. Service due dates and charges will follow upon completion of installation for your records.

  7. The company is not responsible for damages or repairs caused to existing fixtures and fittings where modification of system or wear and tear causes leaks, seized valves. We will take all reasonable care to avoid damages.

  8. All labour is guaranteed for 90 days from point of install. Requests thereafter are chargeable at a typical hourly rate, therefore we advise you to check from time to time in the following weeks if any small leaks appear up to 90 days which is sufficient time. This does not include existing fixtures or fitting only work carried out on new installation.

  9. If your new appliance has a warranty or guarantee, this must be annually serviced by Home Assist Repairs and Servicing Ltd to keep your warranty or guarantee valid. Failure to have the appliance serviced will void the cover period

5. Payment

  1. The price of the works shall be set out on the quotation. Should any further costs need to be incurred, you, the customer will be informed prior to the works being carried out, see (3 & 4). Payment can be made by the following methods: a) Cash b) Bank transfer c) Cheque, should a cheque you have given us for any reason bounce, you will be liable to pay £45 bank and admin charges we would incur for the bounced cheque. d) Credit / Debit Card. To pay by Credit Card there is a bank charge of 2.5%, there is no charge for using a Debit Card.

  2. The purchaser shall not withhold or reduce the amount due on the account of any complaint. Any complaints must be received in writing and in this event; the purchaser shall not be entitled to withhold more than is a reasonable proportion of the amount due to the company having regard to the alleged defect. The purchaser will allow the person/s carrying out the work reasonable time to correct any such complaints.

  3. The price payable by the client is specified in our quotation. We reserve the right to increase the price before carrying out the work by an amount equivalent to any increase to us in the cost of relevant materials since the date of our quotation. If this would increase the price by more than 10% we will give the client the opportunity to cancel the contract.

  4. The price payable by the client is specified in our quotation. We reserve the right to increase the price During carrying out the work by an amount equivalent to any increase to us in the cost of relevant materials & labour due to unforeseeable issues essential for completion of works. If this would increase the price by more than 10% we will notify the customer before carrying out the work, otherwise, we will notify the customer upon completion of final works.

  5. If a payment is overdue for more than 14 days, we will charge a late payment fee of £26 and further delay We will charge £100 for instructing a solicitor to enforce the terms and conditions or this contract.

  6. If the purchaser intends to pay for works using a bank loan or other financing agreement the company may decline to enter into the contract until written evidence of the loan or agreements is produced by the purchaser.

  7. All materials remain the property of Home Assist repairs and servicing Ltd until the sales invoice is paid for in its entirety

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