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COVID-19: How We’re Keeping You Safe

Last updated: 27/01/2021

We’re still installing, repairing and servicing, safely

When our team visit your property this winter they'll be taking extra precautions to keep you safe

  • They'll keep their work area clean and tidy
  • They'll only touch things that need to be touched
  • They'll socially distance themselves
  • They'll only enter the rooms and areas in your home if it's absolutely necessary

Together, we can stay safe.

Unsure about something? Call us on 0191 406 0888

Problematic boilers can be expensive to fix

Get free repairs on your boiler over Cold winters with a Home Assist Repairs and Servicing cover plan. Protect your home from expensive breakages for only £4/mo.

Average boiler repair costs

  • Fan: £255
  • Heat exchanger: £485
  • Gas valve: £290
  • Burner tray: £230
  • PCB Board: £360
  • Pump: £190