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Why your gas oven isn't working

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It is always inconvenient when a kitchen appliance stops working, especially when it's one so integral to the success of many meals. If your oven has failed, you’ll want to get it fixed as soon as possible. The first step to a solution is figuring out what the problem is. Here are three of the most common causes for why your gas oven might not be working.

What causes an oven to stop working?

In most instances, when an oven stops working, you will be able to pin it to one of the following issues.

1. Check that your oven has an electricity supply

Even if your oven works on gas, it will need a power supply to light the gas. The first thing to check if your oven stops working is that it has the necessary power supply to work. If your oven has a display, check whether it is on, make sure that your oven is plugged in, and that your power socket is turned on. If your oven is plugged in but is not receiving electricity, check whether any circuit breakers have been tripped. Your oven might have its own breaker or alternatively be connected to a common outlet with other kitchen supplies.

2. Check that your oven has a gas supply

Once you have made sure that your oven has an electricity supply, it is time to check that your oven is being supplied with gas. If your cooker is also equipped with hobs, check whether the hobs are working. If your hobs are still working but your oven is not, you probably do have a gas supply, and the issue is within your oven. If you find that your hobs are not working, it’s time to consult a Gas Safe registered engineer. Messing with your gas supply can be dangerous, and should be left to the professionals if you don’t know what you’re doing. 

3. Your oven might have a faulty igniter or spark generator

The ignitor is the part of your oven that fires the gas as it flows through the burner tube. Over time, the igniter can become faulty and wear out, this is often the reason why a gas oven stops working. If you find that your gas and electricity supplies work, the igniter is most likely the problem. 

If your igniter is faulty, it means that the gas will not light, and therefore your oven won’t warm up. Most ovens have a safety system that stops the gas from flowing if the igniter does not work properly. If this is the case, the problem can easily be solved by having a Gas Safe registered engineer replace the ignition generator.

Gas oven repairs with Home Assist 

Whether you have managed to locate the fault or not, when it comes to your gas oven, it is always worth considering seeking the help of a professional to fix any electrical or gas supply issues as messing around with your gas supply can be very dangerous. Home Assist can offer fully qualified Gas Safe engineers for any necessary repair and servicing. Contact our friendly team today for more information or to call out a qualified Gas Safe registered engineer.

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