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What Different Types Of Fuel Can I Use To Heat My Home?

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There are a few different types of fuels available for you to use and a wide range of boilers that burn them.

Here is a list of the most common:

  • Natural Gas – The boiler burns methane gas from the gas mains in most UK towns and cities.

  • LPG – Liquid Petroleum Gas is burnt by the boiler, usually propane or butane.

  • Oil type C2 – the cheapest form of heating oil, using Kerosene – which is basically jet fuel (jet-powered home heating! Who knew?)

  • Oil type D – This is ‘gas oil’ which is more commonly used in large properties or commercial premises.

  • Solid Mineral Fuel – This is a system that burns coal.

  • Biomass – This can burn a range of organic materials – wooden logs, pellets or chippings.

  • Electric – This type of boiler is effectively a kettle (like you use for brews) just on a massive scale.

So let’s look at the GAS CENTRAL HEATING (most common) heating systems available in a little more detail and discover if is going to help you keep more cash in your pocket.


If you live in a home that is connected to the national gas grid, then it makes sense to assume that a gas-fired central heating system would be the cheapest option for heating your home.

In most cases you will already have a gas-fired boiler in your house and you can save money on long-term running costs by opting to install a more reliable and efficient one – either when the one you currently have has packed in altogether, or right now; if you have the time and money to spend on buying a new one.

Most households in the British Isles have access to mains gas central heating (GSH).

These so-called ‘wet systems’ use a gas-fired boiler that will heat water to provide central heating – usually through radiators or perhaps underfloor heating – and hot water through taps in your home.

Some homes, not connected to the national gas network, can use electrical heating, LPG (liquid petroleum gas) or other heating oil alternatives (that we’ll get to in a minute) that will each work in a similar way to GSH.

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