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Always be vigilant and look for any damp areas under kitchen sinks and in your bathroom. Water and damp can build up quite a lot over time, even from the tiniest water leaks in your home, so ensure these problems do not exist. Check external water supplies i.e. outside tap, for drips. Water running down a wall constantly can cause severe damage to both the inside and outside of the property.

The slightest leak can build up over time and cause irreparable damage to your home. Laminate flooring and hardwood flooring can warp and distort if water penetrate between the boards. This sitting water will then causes damp and awful smells that are extremely difficult to get rid of.

Your kitchen or utility room machines like washing machines and dishwashers should also be checked regularly for water leaks in your home. Check pipes for bulges, cracks or general wear to prevent future damage. Ask Home Assist Expert plumbers for advice on replacing damaged pipes.

If you are away from home on holiday, make sure you get a neighbour or family friend to check your home. If leaks or burst pipes are found early enough this will prevent prolonged damage to your fixture and fittings

If you would like a plumber from Home Assist to give your home a complete check before you go away please give us a call and will only be too happy to come and assess and potential problems.

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