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How to save money on electricity during lockdown

Energy saving tips

Energy saving tips from Home Assist

You may have noticed that your electricity bills have increased during the last year as you spend more time at home during lockdown. Not only are you likely to be running electric devices that would usually be used in the office, but you’ll also be using more energy on general day to day things like boiling the kettle and cooking your lunch from home.

If you’re one of the many people spending more time at home this winter, you may be looking for some energy saving tips to help you through lockdown. Home Assist has got you covered.

Lockdown energy saving tips

Here are our top rated energy saving tips to help keep your bills down whilst you work from home.

Turn Off Unused Lights

Always turn off any unused lights or add timers which can automatically turn off the lights or fans in seldom used rooms. You can also install energy saving LED lights bulbs in every room of your home.

Optimise Thermostat Settings

Avoid placing lamps or any heat-emitting objects near your thermostat, because the sensor will falsely detect a higher ambient temperature. Try to raise the thermostat temperature a few degrees higher and see if you feel comfortable with that.

Don’t use more water than needed in your kettle

You’ll probably want the odd cuppa to break up your day when working from home. One really easy way to reduce wasted spend on electricity is to only boil enough water for your cup. You’ll be using the kettle a lot more during lockdown and this useful tip can help offset the cost.

Install Solar Panels

With lockdown expected to last into the spring and normal working patterns unlikely to return overnight, you might want to invest in long term lower bills. Consider investing in solar panels before summer. If you have a sunny summer, a solar panel system could make a sizeable dent in your energy bills.

Check energy ratings on your devices

If you’re using out of date electrical equipment, such as older TVs or computer monitors, it could be using more energy than it needs to. By switching to new devices with good energy efficiency ratings, you’ll soon make the money back on your bills if you’re using the item all day and night.

Contact Home Assist for your energy saving needs

To learn more effective ways to reduce your home energy usage while stuck at home during the COVID-19 lockdown, contact Home Repairs & Servicing Ltd and speak with a home repair specialist today.

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