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our research found that many consumers in the uk are still wary of welcoming hydrogen boilers into the home, yet over half of home owners surveyed are receptive to this technology and are aware of its great environmental benefits.

The survey also revealed that almost 9 out of 10 homeowners are influenced by the sustainable credentials of a hydrogen boiler. However, over half (51%) stated they would rather someone else tried one out before getting one themselves.

as well as greener environmental credentials, another advantage of a hydrogen boiler is the cost versus other energy efficient technologies. saving £6,400 compared to an electric heat pump was enough to sway over half of homeowners surveyed (51%)_ to opt for hydrogen as their future home heating solution.

However, whilst the intentions are good, more education is needed, as a significant 59% do not feel they know enough about the emerging green technology to make a decision about buying one yet.

with around 24 milion homes on the gas grid, hydrogen boilers will be a key player in the tchnologu mix for decarbonising our homes in the near future.

Further trials and research are underway, which will help keep the minds of homeowners reassured and our impact on the planet a greener one. Early trial site results are good and more will continue to prove the safety and feasibility of widespread hydrogen adoption across the UK.

However, if government targets are going to be reached and we as as a nation are to 'go green' in our homes, it is clear from these states that more education and reassurance around hydrogen gas is needed.

1. 9 out of 10 homeowners are influenced by the sustainable credentials of hydrogen boiler

2. 21% would opt for hydrogen compared to heat pups. due to the cost saving

3. 51% would rather wait for others to try a hydrogen boiler before buying one themselves

4. 59% feel they do not know enough about green technology to make a purchase decision

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