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Everything To Know about LPG Central Heating

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The difference between mains gas and LPG central heating is that the LPG option is delivered directly to your door and stored in a tank, and not piped in from the North Sea or from some far off distant land you’ve probably never heard of – you can even get it in smaller canisters for your barbeque too.

So, what does it cost to run LPG, and what are the good and bad bits of using it yourself?

We’re no experts (by any stretch of the imagination) but we’re going to have a go at explaining it in a little bit more detail.


LPG works in much the same way as a gas central heating system works. Using a ‘wet’ heating system, an LPG-fired boiler will heat your water and warm your home through radiators and/or underfloor heating and ensure that you have hot water running through your taps.

There are some standard mains gas boilers that can be converted to use LPG. But, it can be expensive.

Looking at the research I have come across, the cost of using LPG (when measured against standard mains gas boiler systems) is almost double that of mains gas; so you’d have to ask yourself, “why would I want to change from mains gas to LPG?”.



LPG is one of the most efficient fuels out there, with a great return on each unit of energy you use.

Replacing a standard LPG boiler with a modern condensing boiler is a pretty straightforward procedure too, you just have to be sure that you select a reliable option – use our boiler buying guide to learn how best to make the right choice.


When you compare the price of LPG to mains gas and heating oil (which we’ll get to soon), the price can be pretty expensive.

That said, the cost of LPG has fluctuated quite a bit in the last 18 months, though recently it has been on the rise. This volatility in cost should be taken into consideration before you take any decision.

Ad LPG is delivered by road, you may have to factor in the weather and also the fact that you could run out of fuel before your next delivery. Having said that, there are some systems that operate a monitoring program that will notify your supplier if and when your supply begins to dwindle.

And, as a fossil fuel, LPG produces carbon dioxide when it is burned, so is therefore not considered a clean energy source – something that is important to consider if you are more inclined to ‘go green’ and be environmentally friendly with your fuel use.

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